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The 19th Century, Diary of a lost soul.

It is four o’clock yet darkness reigns, the wind is blowing so hard like never before, the lightning and thunder are enough to make one pee on their clothes but the most frightening thing is the heavy rain that is pouring angrily and its waters carrying away anything in its path. It feels like the era of darkness has just begun.

I kneel in the corner of the lonely hut, observing as events unfold, my bloodied lover lying lifeless on the floor next to me. Every time I look at his defiled body I feel the sword of pain stab me. I cry out in pain and frustration, sorrow and anger.

“Why? …We are just but young people in love. What have we done to deserve this inhuman treatment? Why did he have to be killed so mercilessly? … I need to know what happened, I need to know who killed him and why.”

I place my hand on his chest where his heart once dwelled and the fact that it has remained an empty hole, his heart missing, infuriates me and I vow to unleash my wrath upon the village and its neighbors, I would not die before I avenge the death of my lover, my best friend and my future husband. It is time that my people learned the power of love and what it can do if it’s snatched what rightfully belongs to it, for I will not rest until the lesson has been taught.


Present day, 20th century.

It all felt frustrating. “How can something so beautiful feel so wrong? Is it my age that makes it wrong? But love is love, whether a teenager or a middle aged adult, whether an adolescent or an aged person.” Nineteen year old Maria Soita  couldn’t understand why she felt like a mature woman yet her parents were solidly against her going out with a man. She was tired of having to do everything in secret but she also didn’t want to face the wrath of her parents, especially her father.


Startled by the sharp sound of her mother’s voice, Soita almost fell from the branch she was sitting on.


Her mother’s voice could be heard again, but louder this time. “Ma, I am coming.”

“Better not waste a single second young lady, you have questions to answer, I pray to the one above that I am mistaken.”

At that last sentence Soita started running towards her mother’s voice and forgetting that she was barefoot she jumped on roots and thus falling down and dropping the aged book she had hidden under her woolen coat.

“I am here mother.”

Holding her by her arms, Soita’s mother half dragged her, half pushed her.

“ You shouldn’t be reading that book outside in the open. Come, let’s get into your hut. We need to talk right now.”

“You are hurting me Ma.” Soita said as calmly as she could.

Without listening she banged the wooden door shut and let go of Soita’s arm. Moita walked towards the sisal sofa set on her right and slowly sat before intensely looking at her daughter directly into the eyes.

“Where is the yellow book that you have been reading on top of that


“What yellow book are you talking about?

Standing up to face her daughter she breathed in deeply and quietly asked again, “Where is the yellow book with very old and faded pages that you

have been reading on top of that tree?”

The mood became tense and Soita felt her muscles tighten, “You are not taking that book away from me.”

“You do not know what that book carries. It could ruin us all.” Soita inhales deeply and in a husky voice asks,

“What are you talking about, it is just a diary of a lost soul. Fiction.” Taking hold of Soita’s hand, Moita whispered,

“Child, you do not understand. That book is a tale of forbidden love but unfortunately it also holds the history of our people. History that should never get out. Our grandparents and great grandparents kept it safe, locked it but never destroyed it because one day, it would be needed.”

Now curious, Soita relaxed and asked,

“ What really is that book, and exactly who was Amor?”

Impatient by her daughter’s questions and worried that someone will pass by and overhear them , she shortened the conversation and  firmly asked,

“ Where is that book Soita?”

Soita looked at her mother in silence for a couple of minutes before putting her hands inside the coat so as retrieve the book only to find an empty pocket. Gasping in shock, she frantically searched for the book in the numerous pockets  of her coat.

“Where is it Soita?”  Moita asked in panic.

“I think it fell on the road when I was running to you.” Soita replied in a whisper and Moita stumbled back, eyes wide open and in a frustrated tone she whispered,

“What have you done Soita? Child what have you done? You could have put us all in danger and most especially you. You don’t know what you have done.”

The second era of darkness after centuries, had just begun. Something that they would all come to later discover the hard way.

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