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“A sequel to RAGGED GOLD” (Here is a link to Ragged Gold, if you haven’t read it already: I swing my office chair, my eyes closed. A small smile grazes my lips as I remember her cheeky smile. Marylin… We never talked, but she dropped her cards next to my feet enough times forContinue reading “ZEKE”


Ah, when campus ceases to be a home for education and turns into the luxurious palace of all evil then… Oh, hold up. I do tend to forget my manners, please, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Phillis. Worry not about my second name because trust me, all you need is that oneContinue reading “CIRCLE OF SI-PHILIS”


“Wakasa, Nocha Mwirobi Okhayiya sa na bikhana ta.’’ “Wakasa, when you go to Nairobi, study, don’t just focus on making the rounds with women.” That’s what Wakasa’s grandmother told him before he moved to Nairobi five years ago.  Right now I am seated next to him, patiently waiting for him to stop crying. I amContinue reading “THAT MORIO”


“Not as a feminist, but as a female” Dear Journal, I am sorry to wake you this late in the night. I wanted to come and weave these words earlier, but I had so many words and little ink to sort them into sensible structures. Well, right now I am here because I want toContinue reading “JOURNAL OF THIS KENYAN WOMAN”


“Anita, call me Daddy.” Anthony whispered. I felt pure anger as I listened to him. The grip on my phone tightened with every word he uttered. The Audacity!! How can that man come back to our lives and act as if nothing happened? No, I refuse to call him Daddy. I refuse to call himContinue reading ““CALL ME DADDY””


                                                                             “Oh no, he has epistaxis. I don’t know how to treat him; I’ve only treated animals before in all the years I have lived.” Suzanna cried, her sweet little voice cutting across the corridors of their five-bedroomed family house. She frantically searched her vet’s kit, ‘tears’ threatening to leave their safe haven.Continue reading “SUZANNA”