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READ DESIRABLE AND SCANDALOUS 2 HERE- Before I know it, it’s already Sunday evening. Contrary to my expectations, the weekend that started out with shocking events has gone by without any other such eventful happenings. I collect Mama Clem’s documents and arrange them neatly on her office desk before shutting down my laptop. OnContinue reading “DESIRABLE AND SCANDALOUS 3”

Desirable and Scandalous

Now listen. I rush into the room, one heel in my left hand and my phone in my right hand. I am ready to call an ambulance, but one look around the room, I realize that what I had in mind was not the present reality. Yes, on the phone, I heard the gunshot. IContinue reading “Desirable and Scandalous”


“Street fighter five. That’s what I am playing. By the way, I know it’s none of your business, but I just won.” Lyesa says as he proudly stands from his swivel chair and walks towards me. He picks the black teacup from his desk and holds it in front of me. I raise a browContinue reading “CHILD OF THE CONSOLE”


The evening looks cheerful as I watch the six of them down shots of whiskey one after another, their laughter drowning in the loud afro-fusion unleashed by the DJ. I look at the glass of apple juice in my hand and sigh.  I don’t belong in this place full of strobe lights, lined up shots,Continue reading “YARROW”


I watch him stagger towards me. No, he isn’t drunk, but he can barely see. “Natty…” Lyesa whispers as he heavily lands on his knees next to my bed. He wraps his hands around my waist, buries his head in my stomach and weeps. For the first time in the twenty-six years of my life,Continue reading “HIS SKELETON”


I am seated in the corner of one café sipping my double espresso because its taste reminds me of my present when suddenly a slender, short human slumps on the seat directly opposite me. She smiles gently and stretches her hands to hold my left one. I lift my left brow as she says, “Aiiiii,Continue reading “AS LONG AS THE MOON ENDURES”


“Pass that to me.” She said while pointing at a silver lighter on the floor near the ash tray filled with half smoked cigarettes and two unopened packets of the same. I adjusted my trench coat before picking up the lighter.                          “Did you smoke all these today?” I asked and with a small smileContinue reading “LAST PAINTING”


A letter to her beloved Flame, It’s been a minute. Tsk, let’s be more literal. It’s been weeks. Five weeks since I last talked to you. To tell you the truth, I have been avoiding you. You see, when I see you, my heart beats so fast and so loud that sometimes, my ears can’tContinue reading “FLAME”


Ah, when campus ceases to be a home for education and turns into the luxurious palace of all evil then… Oh, hold up. I do tend to forget my manners, please, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Phillis. Worry not about my second name because trust me, all you need is that oneContinue reading “CIRCLE OF SI-PHILIS”