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The evening looks cheerful as I watch the six of them down shots of whiskey one after another, their laughter drowning in the loud afro-fusion unleashed by the DJ. I look at the glass of apple juice in my hand and sigh.  I don’t belong in this place full of strobe lights, lined up shots,Continue reading “YARROW”


A letter to her beloved Flame, It’s been a minute. Tsk, let’s be more literal. It’s been weeks. Five weeks since I last talked to you. To tell you the truth, I have been avoiding you. You see, when I see you, my heart beats so fast and so loud that sometimes, my ears can’tContinue reading “FLAME”


CLICK THE LINK BELOW AND GET YOU A COPY. DON’T MISS THIS!! or PROLOGUE The 19th Century, Diary of a lost soul. It is four o’clock yet darkness reigns, the wind is blowing so hard like never before, the lightning and thunder are enough to make one pee on their clothes but theContinue reading “FROM LOVE CAME WAR (Excerpt)”